Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Spooky Haunted House

I really enjoyed making this Haunted house for my Halloween party last year. The house I purchased from Hobby Lobby, and decorated it with different colored scrapbook paper. The little spider greeting you at the front door was made with the Cricut. The trees were also cut from the Cricut. I bent the bottom of the trees and glued them to the board so they would stand up. The spider webs help keep them propped up.

The Frankenstein and the tomb stones are all stickers (actually, the Frankenstein is a puff sticker I found during the Halloween season). The coffins were printed from a website I found. I printed them and assembled them . . . very easy to do. Here is the link:

The board is just one of those styrofoam boards that you can buy at Walmart or the craft store. When it was all done, I purchased a bag of those spider webs, and there you go. Very easy.

If you need any detailed information on this project, pop me an email.

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